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It's Cold Outside Chapter 4/?

Title: It's Cold Outside Chapter 4/?
Pairing: ChangRick
Genre: Romance, Angst
PG for now.

“Something wrong?” Jonghyun asked after noticing the worried expression on the boy’s face.

Do I tell him the pathetic truth? I don’t really have a choice do I?

“Well, I don’t think he’s home so I can’t get in.” It’s not lying if you don’t tell the whole truth right?

Jonghyun was confused, “So you don’t have a key?”

“Um no,” he looked down at his hands that were nervously fidgeting with the hem of his shirt “I don’t have them with me.”

Jonghyun could easily tell there was a lot more going on here, but he decided to leave it alone for time being.

“Well I guess you’re stuck with me then!” He grinned at him.

Changhyun gave him a small smile in return. His heart started beating like crazy as he pulled the car out the parking space, out the apartment complex, and down the street. He knew he was nervous but from what? He tried to tell himself it was because of the fact he was going to be alone in a strangers home where God knows what could happen to him (he could be a serial killer for all he knew!). Because it couldn’t be because he was going to be alone with an incredibly gorgeous and sexy stranger that likes him and might try to come on to him (he wasn’t going to admit to himself how much he liked that thought).

Though he couldn’t not ignore the worry creeping in the back of his mind. Not about being alone with said stranger, but the whereabouts of his boyfriend. Where the hell would he be at this hour? He had a feeling he knew where, but he didn’t want to think about it. Partly because it upset him, and also, because of him being told numerous times how it’s “None of his fucking business”.

And also worried that if he ever found out he was alone with another guy………..he didn’t want to even think about what would happen.

I wouldn’t even be in this damn situation if it wasn’t for him! But of course knowing him, it wouldn’t matter (it never did). He shuddered remembering what happened last time…………………..

Two Months ago……………

“Here you go sir, and here’s your change!” The cute girl behind the counter handed him the money after he paid for his latte.

“Thanks, have a nice day!” He gave her a smile before he picked up his cup from the counter and turned to leave.

He was trying to decide whether to have lunch or just grab a snack from the nearest vending machine to munch on in the library. He needed to get a bit of studying done before his next class.

He was almost out the door before he felt a hand on his shoulder, “Hey excuse me.”

He turned around to look at the handsome stranger that stopped him, “Yes?”

“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, I know you don’t know me but I’m Jung Daehyun, you’re in my literature class.” He extended his hand for Changhyun to shake it.

“Oh yes, I’ve seen you. Nice to meet you!” He shook his hand and bowed at the handsome boy.

“Likewise! Anyways, I was wondering if maybe I could copy some notes off you. I hear you’re pretty smart and this class is really giving me hell.” The boy chuckled nervously.

“Yeah sure, no problem!” They both sat at a table near the back of the café and Changhyun rummaged through his backpack searching for his notes from that class.

“Here you go, you can keep them I have copies at home. I tend to get asked for them a lot so it’s become a habit to make lots of copies.”

“Well I can see why, you’re the smartest guy here!” Daehyun smiled at him.

“Omo! Well, I don’t know about that……..” Changhyun blushed even though he knew it was probably true.

“Hey that’s what everybody told me. My first day here, they were like if you need notes for ANYTHING ask Yoo Changhyun.”

“Oh you’re not from here?” He was hoping to change the subject. Yes, he knew he was intelligent but still, it felt awkward talking about it.

“Yeah I just moved up here from Busan.”

“Oh really? That’s cool. How old are you by the way? You look pretty young.”

“Ha! Speak for yourself! You look like you’re 12!!” They both laughed.

Changhyun couldn’t remember the last time he had a nice conversation with someone around his age (he learned Daehyun was a year older than him). Probably because it never happened before. He was always too shy to make friends and the kids that did pay attention to him only wanted his help with studying or notes.

After chatting a little while longer he checked his phone for the time and saw it was time to go.

“Hey I gotta get going now; it was nice talking to you Daehyun hyung.”

“Yeah same here thanks again for the notes. You saved my life!”

Changhyun chuckled, “No problem, bye!”

“Hey Changhyun, I’ll see ya in class. We should hang out sometime!”

Changhyun swore he felt his heart stop beating for a second, “Yeah, I’d really like that. See ya!”

He walked outside with the biggest grin on his face. He couldn’t believe that someone actually seemed to like him enough to want to spend time with him. Time that didn’t include schoolwork!

His happiness didn’t last long. It ended the moment he heard a familiar voice call his name. And that voice sounded pissed off.

“Jongdae,” he turned around to face his boyfriend.

“What the hell was that?” He said in a low voice, not wanting to draw attention.

“You know exactly what the hell I mean!” He grabbed Changhyun’s arm.

“He….he’s my classmate he just needed notes.”

“Bullshit!! I saw you in there laughing and flirting with him!” His grip tightened.

“Jongdae, I….I  wasn’t flirting! We were just talking about class I swear!” He didn’t look like he believed him.

“I seriously don’t have time for this shit right now.” He let go of his arm.


“We’ll talk about this at home.” And with that he turned at left him. Changhyun stood there frozen for a few minutes wondering just where he even came from and if he had been watching him.

He knew it was gonna be hell when he got home later that day. The thought made him nauseous. He tossed his mostly full latte in the nearest trash can and tried his best to focus on the class he was almost late for.

Fortunately him being distracted didn’t seem to have much effect on his ability to learn (he was the “Smartest Guy in School”after all). But unfortunately the day ended a lot faster than he had hoped. And he soon found himself at home pacing around waiting for Jongdae to come home.

He made Jongdae’s favorite dinner and was keeping his plate warm in the oven. He also finished the laundry and cleaned the entire apartment (and then re-cleaned it just to make sure). Though he knew full well that wouldn’t do a single thing to curb his anger.

While pacing some more he tried to think of something or anything that could help the situation till he heard a familiar click come from the door.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard another click and then saw the doorknob turn.

Changhyun took a deep breath and braced himself for the hell he knew that was about to break loose.

Tags: !fanfic, pairing: changjo/ricky, rating: pg
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