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the Teen Top fanworks community

Teen Top Fanworks Community
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Welcome to teensontop, the official Livejournal community dedicated to Teen Top fanworks.

This community is for anyone who wishes to submit fanworks (fanfiction, fanart, etc.) related to the Korean pop band Teen Top. Feel free to post anything, with regards to the communities rules!

1. This is a community dedicated to Teen Top, so all fanworks must be related to Teen Top and/or its members.

2. Remember to use LJ-cuts. They are absolutely mandatory.

3. Advertising is allowed, but please PM a mod before doing so.

4. Respect others as you would wish to be respected. No bashing, insults, wank, flaming, etc.

5. Please member-lock all entries that include adult content. That means fanwork with a rating of NC-17.

6. Unless it's an advertisement, please place all banners under an LJ-cut. If your advertisement is bigger than 600px in width, please place it under an LJ-cut.

7. Entries in your own journals/communities must stay unlocked for at least 48 hours. Locked entries will be deleted. Feel free to lock it after the given time.
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